Her Story
His Story
I use to go to a small bar called Mugs Pub and shoot pool after a long day. It was a
relaxing atmosphere. It kind of reminded me of Cheers the TV bar. Laid back and
people would say "hey Joe" when I walked in. It made me feel at home.

I met Becca one night there shooting pool, I didn't think much of it at the time, she
seemed a little cold and kind of standoffish. Maybe that was her shyness or
something, but "
she challenged my table" so I thought maybe she was just good. I
was all about the pool game and, yep she lost and lost and lost. Anyway, over time
we became friends. I found that the cold, standoffish first impression was
misleading. I had been going through some challenging times with my home life
and she was very understanding. And although I wasn't looking for a relationship
at the time she was the friend that I needed. We spent more and more time together
and yep, turned me into a Karaoke King (in my own mind).

Being together just felt good. She makes me smile when Im sad, and makes me
feel good when I hurt, she doesn't laugh when I'm watching a chic flick and get all
teary eyed … (Very Rare)..... And she loves my cooking. So I guess that's sums up
my definition of Love, partners that are complements to one another in everyday
life. With shared dreams and goals, and a you scratch my back and Ill scratch
yours attitude. I know it sound a little sappy but after 8 years together "If it feels
good …. It must be Good" and all the time we've been together …. Being with
Becca feels right….. And just to think, all this from that first Pool game years ago.
Go Figure…..